General Corporate Practice

Practical solutions + experience-based legal advice = extraordinary results

Our corporate attorneys achieve extraordinary results by combining their legal knowledge with a practical experience-tested approach to problems. We help business owners structure and prepare employment contracts, severance pay and executive compensation agreements, review equipment and real estate leases, structure and implement merger and acquisition transactions, and refinance corporate debt.

We understand family businesses.

Family businesses are an extremely important part of our practice. We have been representing them since 1960 and recognize that these companies have their own unique challenges:

  • Succession Planning - how and when to cede control to the next generation,
  • How to allocate responsibilities and profits,
  • How to treat non-family members fairly while protecting family members,
  • When to sell or merge the business,
  • When and how to expand the business.
  • How to recognize and address the strengths and weaknesses of each family member.

Taxes, taxes, taxes

Receiving the highest sale price for your business is critical ... paying the least amount of tax on the sale proceeds is paramount. We structure transactions so that our client, whether the seller or buyer of a business, achieves the best tax result possible. The interplay of the legal, tax and actuarial skills in our firm allows us to achieve outstanding results for our clients that are unavailable at most other firms. 

Need new ideas on how to retain your key employees?

Often a well-designed, properly prepared executive compensation plan or agreement will be just what is needed. Our experienced pension and executive compensation attorneys are here to help you decide whether to use:

  • an employment, retention, severance or change in control agreement,
  • an annual bonus program,
  • a stock-based or other incentive compensation arrangement, or
  • a nonqualified deferred compensation plan.

Contact us. We can help.

Case Study:
Minimizing Tax on the Sale of a Business

Opportunity: The 61 year old owner of a manufacturing company was interested in selling his business when he reached 65.
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