Webinars 2021

Estate Planning and Your Retirement Plan

As retirement plan clients of Danziger & Markhoff, your retirement plan assets may become one of the most valuable assets in your estate. To ensure that your goals are met, it is critical that your retirement plan assets are coordinated with your overall estate plan. During this discussion, our estate planning attorneys will review the various options for your Wills and trusts to minimize estate and income taxes as well as to ensure that your assets pass to your loved ones in an efficient manner.

  • Michael Markhoff, Esq. & Christopher Miehl, Webinar. June 30, 2021

Executive Compensation

To prosper and succeed, private companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of offering executive compensation arrangements to recruit, retain and appropriately motivate key employees in today’s competitive market. Choosing the right arrangement for your particular circumstances is essential. We will explain the types of executive compensation arrangements that are prevalent among small companies, including the basic elements, pros and cons and general income tax consequences of each, including annual bonuses, deferred compensation, stock appreciation rights, phantom stock, nonqualified stock options, restricted stock, and partnership profits interests.

  • Jay Fenster, Esq. & Mark T. Hamilton, Esq., Webinar. July 13, 2021

Billing and Coding Audits

“It’s not how much you earn, it’s how much you keep.” This doesn’t only apply to taxes. During this presentation, our health care attorneys will discuss what to do, and what not to do, when a third-party payor starts a billing/coding audit of your practice; what to expect during the course of the audit; and how to minimize your exposure to the payor’s claims that you owe money.

  • Gary S. Sastow, Esq. & David P. Gesser, Esq., Webinar. July 14, 2021


An Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is a form of qualified retirement plan that can be used to transfer all or a portion of a business on an extraordinarily tax-efficient basis, while benefiting your employees. The discussion will explain in simple terms the basics of an ESOP, clearing up misconceptions, and pointing out the most common situations where ESOPs can help business owners achieve their goals.

  • Jay Fenster, Esq. & Robert B. Danziger, Esq., Webinar. July 27, 2021

Business Succession Planning

Our attorneys have been helping clients with business succession planning since 1960. This presentation will cover the various business succession planning options such as the provisions that should be included in a Buy-Sell Agreement among the owners of the business; the options for selling the business and how to limit (or eliminate) tax on the sales proceeds; and why an ESOP may be an interesting succession planning option.

  • Robert B. Danziger, Esq. & Gary S. Sastow, Esq., Webinar. July 28, 2021